Interpreting the Results Page

Are you having trouble interpreting the results on the results page for your project? This guide explains how to use the information given on the results page. 


This shows the total number of surveys that have been fully completed via the survey URL.
You can use this number to check whether you’ve hit your target number of respondents.
This number will always be at least 4 as you can only access the results page when you have collected 4 responses. 

Note that each response is not necessarily by a unique person. You will have to ensure that the right people are taking the survey the desired number of times. 


The domain averages show the average score across all respondents for each domain: General Wellbeing, Be, Do and Connect. Each respondent’s domain average is calculated by taking the average of their scores for all the questions within a domain. The group’s domain average is calculated by taking the average of the respondent averages. 

It is hard to know how well they’re doing from these averages, so we also look at their average percentiles.


A score percentile represents the percentage of scores that are equal to or below a certain score within the nationally representative sample of the Happiness Pulse survey.

For instance, a percentile score of 1 would mean that the respondent is in the lowest 100th of scores in the UK; 36 would mean the respondent is in the 36th percentile in the UK; and so on.

Based on these results, you might choose to work with your respondents on improving the aspects of wellbeing measured in the domain they're doing least well in compared to the nation. 


The scores in this section can be interpreted in the same way as the average percentiles section, but they are broken down by certain demographics. This means that you can compare the percentiles between different demographic categories.

To see average percentiles by a demographic category on the results page, at least 4 respondents in that category have to have completed the survey. 


The line graph shows when respondents have taken the survey, and how many.


This section of the results page shows you the demographic breakdown of the group of respondents who have completed your Happiness Pulse survey. 


This feature is only available for Plus and Advanced accounts. If you are an Essential customer, you can upgrade to access this feature.

Clicking on the results by question tab shows you the average response per question across all respondents. This is useful if you’re interested in a particular question.

Clicking on the plus symbol shows the average responses broken down by demographic categories, so you can compare how they're doing.